TAG™ Racing International / TAG™ USA are proud to post the 2013 TAG™ Rules.

2013 TAG™ Rule Set

For 2013 there a few Technical updates and changes in the Engine, categories please look over the rules and take note of the changes that may affect your classes for the 2013 season.

Local Option Rule Set

The Local Option Rules include racing class structures and technical specifications for governing all Divisions of kart racing events Sprint, Oval, Speedway, Shifter and Road Racing. Our TAG™ Local Option Rules are posted on the www.tagracing.net website 24/7 for all of your competitors to down load and / or reference.

We believe that the combined TAG™ Rule sets are the most complete, diverse and comprehensive rule sets available.


In addition to the rule set we have one of the best Insurance programs available to the Motorsports industry to compliment this rule set.

Our knowledgeable and experienced professionals offer a broad variety of programs to satisfy your karting needs.  We can provide you with coverage at cost-effective prices.


Use of these Rules and Regulations require Tracks, Clubs, Promoters or Series be sanctioned by the TAG™ Racing International / TAG™ USA Any other use is strictly Prohibited without the express written consent of the TAG™ Racing International / TAG™ USA. Sanctioning forms are available on the www.tagracing.net website

Full press release in pdf: 2013_TAG_USA_Rules_PR

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